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Annemarie Danielsen, Owner/Restorer

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​                   Welcome to our company's website:  AD Photo Restoration LLC We are a new restoration company but very proud of our focus, our skills and  equipment  to do the job. We restore damaged photographs, newspaper photographs , film negatives and slides.

            The primary focus of this company is to work on heavily damaged and valuable items requiring time and significant skill set to restore.  This may include, for example, a damaged one-of-a-kind photograph, or digitizing a valuable oil painting.  Such efforts might include the contributions of an artist incorporating traditional oil painting skills.

             Our company is brand new to the restoration world, but our staff is not.  We have trained in multiple locations and venues.  We possess some of the finest software, and top hardware in the business to perform the rebuilding of your precious items.  These ​include names and the most current versions of products such as ​Nikon, Epson, Photoshop and Silverfast.

             Thank you for visiting our website.  I promise you we will take good care of your wonderful memories.  Enjoy browsing through the rest of the site and make certain you visit our ​galleries.





high quality scanning and valuable photography restoration with significant skill set