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     Wonderful Memories Beautifully Restored

 ​​​​​​​My name  is  Annemarie T. Danielsen.    I have been studying restoration and repairing cherished memories for over 15 years. My company uses top professional software and hardware to rehabilitate   photos, film negatives and slides including those kodachrome based.


I have studied Photography at the New York Institute of Photography (NYIT) for two years .    I also have taken a number of courses in Photoshop with BetterPhotos.com.


We use top of the line scanners such as the Epson V750 along with Silverfast scanning Software.  

For years I have worked on editing pictures for family and friends.  When my elderly parents died and left me with numerous boxes of damaged family photos,  I made it my mission to bring  those pictures to life again.    It was  wonderful to be able to restore the pictures so they could be saved and enjoyed by me and my family again. 

high quality scanning and valuable photography restoration with significant skill set