Around the holidays we go through our closets and discover that all those favorite photographs that we love are fading, cracks all through the photographs and oh--- so much damage you could cry.

AD Photo Restoration LLC can restore those precious photos you love.

Most of our clients are those who seek us out as their last resort to restore their extremely damaged photos.  They have tried many other restoration companies  without being satisfied with their results.

Checkout our website  and contact us for an estimate.  You  will be glad you did.



 When your favorite photograph is restored, it comes to life again.   The photograph tells the original story behind the picture. The color, the expressions, the body language and of course, the eyes.

All these things tell the whole story about  when the photograph was taken.  That magic moment that will stay in your heart for many years to come.  The memories that will keep you smiling every time you look at your favorite  restored photograph. 

WE Restore Damaged

​Photographs, Slides and Negatives

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​​1.  Remove original photo from its frame.

2.  Scan the original photo

3.  Email scanned copy of photo to: annemarie@ad-photo-restoration.com

4.   I will contact you with the estimate of your photo

             AD Photo Restoration LLC

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